Say hello to a multi-award winning social enterprise who work collaboratively and always in a heart centred way.

hero right image-about-us-positively-empowered-kids
hero right image-about-us-positively-empowered-kids

Our network of experts come together to inspire and support young people, their parents, schools & communities with a variety of wellbeing offers.  Through an early intervention and prevention model, we empower them to feel more confident in managing the everyday ups and downs of life.

Stronger together

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow a happier and healthier world where children are resilient, compassionate and empowered to navigate life’s challenges and realise their potential.

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Our founders are Jackie Wilson and Claire Clements. Here’s what you need to know about these two ladies whose heart-centred-way of running Positively Empowered Kids has seen the CIC grow exponentially over the last 5 years.

Claire Clements


Claire is the founder of Positive Pants and is an author, Positive Mindset Mentor and T1 Diabetes Advocate.

Having experienced poor mental health in her teens and as an adult, she is passionate about supporting children and families to discover techniques to help manage emotions whilst empowering them to make their own choices.

Claire mainly works directly with families in their home but can also be found in schools providing workshops, assemblies and storytelling sessions of her best-selling book “Put on your Positive Pants“.

Jackie Wilson



Jackie is an empowerment coach, trainer, speaker and author. She is a co-founder of Empower Education and Emotions Toolkit.

Jackie’s passion is inspiring the next generation of self-discover, empowering young people with ways to flourish and thrive.

Jackie works with children from 2 years old through to teenagers in educational settings where she offers fun, interactive, and creative wellbeing workshops, programmes and talks.

Sue Cooper

Non-Executive Director


Sue is a Nurse with over four decades of nursing experience in clinical care, management, research and health education, a Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher and an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Educator. Her passion is in the science and art of holistic integrative care practices.

Sue is Founder of MOMM, Moments Of Mass Mindfulness and Self Care World, both are dynamic, volunteer-led initiatives rooted in care and compassion, connection and collaboration and experienced through co-creating compassionate community gatherings, engaging in citizen, business, charity and governance action to raise awareness of mindfulness practices for conscious health and vibrant well-being. 

Sue holds many voluntary roles in community, locally, she is a member of The Lieutenancy Commonwealth Group. Nationally, as a member of the Welfare and Wellbeing Advisory Group for The Queens Nursing Institute of Scotland and internationally as  a co-founder of Living Cities Earth and co-director of Feast for the Soul.

Robert Day

Brand Ambassador


Rob joined us in January 2024 after supporting us the previous year. His company Blueprint Interiors align with us perfectly alongside his energy and enthusiasm which are a great fit for PEK. We’re excited to work more closely with him in the future. More information to come!

Alex Dalton

Brand Ambassador


Alex became a Youth Ambassador for Positively Empowered Kids in 2020 and travelled to take on an internship with us from Australia in 2023.

Alex is a transgender man. Since the age of 16, Alex has been a lived experience public speaker and advocate for mental health and LGBTQIA+ rights. A psychology, politics and Italian student at the University of Melbourne, Alex currently plans to pursue a career in psychological research or policy. 

Alex is currently engaged as peer researcher in the position of Research and Evaluation Officer of the Trans and Gender Diverse Service at Orygen, a youth mental health organisation based in Melbourne, Australia.

Chloe Gwillam-Keeton

Event Coordinator

Chloe is from Nottingham and her role within PEK is Event Coordinator. She started originally as a Kickstarter in 2022 and grew in confidence during this time. We were delighted to continue working with Chloe who now works part-time for PEK, alongside bringing up her son. She is an instrumental part of bringing the annual festival to life, as well as other events throughout the year. Being a part of the PEK team, Chloe feels she has been able to learn and grow her skills, whilst also feeling empowered.

Emma Astill

Social Media Manager & Design

Emma is from Nottingham and her role within PEK is Social Media Manager and Graphic Designer. She started originally as a Kickstarter in 2022 and developed her skills during this time. We were delighted to take Emma on in a part-time for PEK. She has been a key part of bringing the awareness of PEK to others and her contribution to creating our resources is very much appreciated.

Emma’s other passion is advocating for Endometriosis and planning events to share as much awareness of the condition as she can.



We collaborate with families, schools, organisations and businesses, in fact, the whole ecosystem of a child, to create healthy environments where children can thrive.

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