Positively Empowered Kids offer a range of free resources, staff wellbeing courses, and partnerships with schools in Nottinghamshire where PEK comes to you.


Explore these pages to find out the range of services that the team can offer your school from parent workshops to positive mindset programmes.

Stronger together

Workshops for Primary

Youth Voice in Action provides a systemised way to provide children with a voice in their community and setting.

Workshops for Secondary

Inset Day Workshops were we come in loaded with tools and resources for teachers to use either with their pupils or for themselves.

Staff wellbeing

Staff wellbeing is critical for every school and PEK provides all of the tools, techniques and tactics for looking after yourself and each other.

Resilience Leaders

The Rise Up Programme looks at helping children with their own wellbeing, providing 1 to 1 support or as a train to share model with a school council or other school group.

 Preventative is our approach to wellbeing – Training children to become trainers is our mantra.

Helping adults within schools to become sharers of our expertise – This is how we roll!

Within the school setting there’s a number of people involved and PEK can provide that support to each cohort; whether that’s our team providing parental workshops, employability programmes for teenagers, a super kids programme for key stages 1 or 2 or to support your staff with their own wellbeing.

Preventative is our approach to wellbeing . Training children to become trainers . Helping adults within schools become sharers of our expertise.


What wellbeing means to us

Providing the very best toolkit for mind management so children can cope well with their journey through life is our mission.

Early intervention and providing children with a toolkit and skills for the future means children in schools can flourish. Everything the PEK team delivers is to help with educating, inspiring and empowering the next generation to discover ways to grow positive mental health and wellbeing.

Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child and one teacher can change the world

Malala Yousafzai


It’s not just about the children, families and school staff need the resilience tools to operate in today’s tough environment.

Empowering adults is part of our everyday mission too.

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