Here at PEK we inject positivity for school staff, in any setting and at all levels (from teaching assistants to senior leadership teams) our aim is to build a strong foundation of positive mental health for everyone.

Our wellbeing programme has been designed with the needs of those working within the education setting from our experience as practitioners in the field. 

Stronger together

Our Vision

Our staff wellbeing will provide you with the tools, techniques and strategies for managing personal stress and building resilience that will…

  • Enhance work and personal relationships
  • Boost productivity and efficency at work
  • Think more clearly and make the right decision and priorities
  • Tackle challenges and solve problems more effectively
  • Manage emotions to overcome stress and avoid burnout
  • Increase and sustain energy levels
  • Become more emotionally aware

Our Approach to Wellbeing

Using simple coaching skills to provide practical support and encouragement to co-workers and the students in your setting is an outcome of employing PEK to undertake a staff wellbeing programme within your school.

Improving the health and wellbeing of our teachers makes good sense


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