Through an early intervention and prevention model, PEK empower people of all ages to feel more confident in managing the everyday ups and downs of life.


We Empower schools and parents with the very best toolkit to help our children cope well with their journey through life…

Stronger together


Schools can utilise our staff wellbeing services, our positive mindset programme or mindful me for secondary aged children.

Intergenerational Workshops

Holiday clubs can take advantage of the range of wellbeing activities that have been designed especially for children.

Community Events

Positively Empowered People provides wellbeing programmes designed for your organisation and sector.


What wellbeing means to us

PEK takes a holistic approach to wellbeing, addressing people’s emotional, mental, and physical needs. Our programs encompass mindfulness, emotional intelligence, physical activity, and creative expression, ensuring a well-rounded and balanced approach to self-development.

Our team comprises experienced educators, psychologists, and wellness experts who are passionate about supporting the growth of both children, young people and adults.

Everyone delivering a wellbeing initiative from the PEK team brings a wealth of knowledge and a compassionate approach to every interaction.


Co-Creating conscious compassionate change makers

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