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Growing a hub of experts for families and schools to discover more easily


Collaborative model with future projects in the community and online


Do you provide services or products which support children and/or parent’s well-being?

Come and join our growing network of over 300 experts at one of our monthly Positively Empowered Kids Network events (currently online).

Our network is a place to connect, share and collaborate and to feel supported by other professionals with the same passion. It’s a great place to be! We live stream all our meetings to our public page to spread the word about our amazing network.

Click on the logo to join our network Facebook group to find out more or to enquire about setting up a group in your area.

Our networking events are being held online until further notice.

We would love you to join us!


Jackie & Claire


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We are looking for amazing sponsors to support our events so we can help, support and reach more families nationwide.
Can you help?

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Do you provide services or products which support children and/or parent's well-being?